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The Story Behind the story

Brisbane, California is nestled on the eastern slope of San Bruno Mountain. It's a small town.

Keith had just acquired his first High Definition video camera and had been testing it out with some nature filming. He thought the mountain story was a great project, and began daily hikes up the mountain to film the rare butterflies and the many other treasures on the mountain. He was lucky enough to get some amazing and unique footage.

Whatever Happened to Butterflies & Bulldozers?

The film Butterflies & Bulldozers started out as a project to tell the story of San Bruno Mountain and the amazing efforts of a group of people who organized to save it from development. These unapologetic activists did save much of the mountain but their efforts inadvertently led to the creation of a Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) that allowed the killing of endangered species in order to allow limited development on private land. It was a devastating blow to the Endangered Species Act and a bitter pill forced on the activists.

As you can imagine, there were many versions of what happened and how it happened. As Keith continued his work and research on the project it became clear to him that, in his opinion, the direction of the storyline of Butterflies & Bulldozers did not do justice to this complex saga.

Keith felt that the history of San Bruno Mountain as well as the continuing efforts of those courageous individuals and organizations was so compelling that it deserved an honest, independent film to convey the full account of the tale of San Bruno Mountain.

To that end he established an independent, non-profit corporation and associated film called How to Save A Mountain --The Remarkable True Story and the Real Heroes of San Bruno Mountain.

About the Filmmakers

Keith Moreau
is a videographer, music composer, graphic designer, software developer, project manager and was the co-founder of one of San Francisco's premier audio recording facilities, Pyramind Sound/SF Audio Network and is the founder and owner of KM Publishing. Keith wrote, directed, and shot his first-feature length film when he was in junior high school and has loved filmmaking ever since.

Keith formed SilverSpot Media in 2009 and continues to write, film, edit and produce How To Save A Mountain --a national story, in his own backyard!

Keith is producing other documentaries including Sharing Artists Sharing, the trailer of which opened the 2010, and were featured in the 2011, 2012, 2013 and the 2014 Brisbane Evening of Art Sharing. 'Sharing Artists Sharing' is a 'behind-the-scenes' look at Brisbane's own Artists Sharing Evening, featuring the talented artists as well as the dedicated support people that contribute to and make the event happen.

Keith is a recipient of the prestigious Brisbane Star Award in 2008 for his work as a Filmmaker in Brisbane, California.

Where to Go From Here:

For More Information about the Film, if you would like to Contribute, or just want to get in touch with us,
email us at info@howtosaveamountain.org